Air Tool Services was established in Preston, Lancashire in 1973, and has grown from a local service provider into an international distributor and service centre for all key sectors of industry. Our extensive client base reaches across the UK & Europe and spans to North America and Asia.

By combining our engineering expertise and professional customer service, we develop lasting flexible relationships with all of our clients in the aerospace, automotive, rail, appliance, marine, transport, construction and general engineering industries.

Air Tool Services is committed to continuous training and development in the latest products, techniques and technologies for its dedicated team of designers, engineers and support staff. This ensures you receive a quality service, maintaining the highest standards of tool repair, HAVS Testing and Torque Calibration.

Our ISO9001:2000 accreditation confirms our commitment to quality and continuous improvements to our service. This enables us to maintain our position as a leading Air Tool Supply Distributor and Tool Maintenance provider. As one of the premier tool shops in Preston, we take pride in our work.

In recent years we have gained a trusted reputation as a designer of bespoke air tools and machines. Our capabilities to manufacture & make modifications for application-specific power tools are being continuously challenged and developed.

In recognition of our innovative air tool services, we have won a number of industry awards in recent years, including three BAE Systems Chairman’s Awards