UK Manufacturers of Compressed Air Products, Air Line Accessories and Tyre Inflation Equipment.

PCL's extensive range of air tools includes everything from impact wrenches and ratchets, to sanders and grinding tools - all designed to meet the rigorous needs of modern workshops.

The NEW Prestige range offers high quality products with low vibration, low noise, ergonomic design, yet with higher performance.

Pneumatic Tools

PCL | APT650 | Body Saw

£85.99 £103.19 (inc VAT)

Pneumatic Tools

PCL | APT660 | Nibbler

£64.84 £77.81 (inc VAT)
£38.06 £45.67 (inc VAT)
£97.97 £117.56 (inc VAT)
£52.32 £62.78 (inc VAT)
£45.49 £54.59 (inc VAT)
£963.31 £1,155.97 (inc VAT)
£608.81 £730.57 (inc VAT)