Desoutter Controller - CVIL II
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Controller - CVIL II

Flexible integration


General functions
Number of cycles 50
Number of phases 15
Batch count 999
Bar code reading via RS232 port
LCD screen and display  ✓
CVIPC software
Tightening results
Led "Low", "OK", "High" Torque  ✓
Led "Low", "OK", "High" Angle  ✓
Torque+Angle+Data+Time+Result  up to 10000
Number of curves (flexibility with OK and NOK) 10

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Technical Information

Model No. CVIL II
Part Number 6159326800
Consumption (Current) 115V 4A
Consumption (Current) 230V 2A
Mains Supply 50/60 Hertz Single-phase
Width mm (in.) 130 (5.1)
Height mm (in.) 278 (10.9)
Depth mm (in.) 291 (11.5)
Weight kg (lb) 5.9 (13)

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