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Desoutter Controller - MultiCVIL II - CVIL II M (Master)

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Desoutter Controller - MultiCVIL II - CVIL II M (Master)
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MultiCVIL II Controller

CVIL II Master - Multi Spindles System

Main Features


-Drive up to 32 fixtured spindles

-One CVIL Master + x times CVIL Slave

-Through CVIPC2000 (to Master only)

  • Cycle Phases management
    • 31 different cycles
    • Combines up to 20 phases in a fastening cycle
  • Data collection
    • CVIPC2000
  • Fieldbuses
    • By additional modules
    • By Ethernet ports
    • Flexible mapping
  • Isagraf, embedded PLC software to manage:
    • Assembly station
    • HMI


  • From 1 to 1900Nm
  • EME straight
  • EMEOF with Offset for close center distance application
  • EMEL 'L' shape reduces the height of the tool
  • High accuracy
  • A10 class
  • Digital communicatuion between the tool and controller
  • Memory chip with all characteristics of the tool: transducer sensitivity, gear ratio, maintenance info, etc...


  • Motor power
  • Digital connection of the transducer and memory device
  • Up to 45 meters
  • Design to be used in robot applications

Flexibility of tightening process

Main Functions
Number of channels
1 to 32
Number of cycles
Number of phases 20
Batch count 999
Bar code reading via RS232 port
Tightening Results
Torque + Angle + Date + Time + Report  up to 32000
Number of curves (per channel)
Tightening strategies
Torque control + angle monitoring
Angle control + torque monitoring
T control + (Angle + torque rate) monitoring
Angle control + (Torque + torque rate) monitoring
Yield point strategy
Stall torque
Prevailing torque
Current monitoring
Reverse at Angle control
Tightening connectivity
Input/output 8/8
RS232 port
Ethernet RJ45
8 sockets
Fieldbuses Optional module
Embedded PLC software OK
IP54 Optional module
Emergency stop 2 channels
Tightening strategies
Control: torque, angle, torque OR angle, torque AND angle, yield point, torque rate
Monitoring: yieldpoint, torque rate, 2nd torque, 2nd angle, 2nd part angle, current, slip off, stick slip
Configurable I/O 8/8
USB ports (2 + 1 front)
Embedded Ethernet switch (4ports + 1front - 2 networks)
Dedicated Bus for up to 15 accessories in daisy chain
Plug&Play Fieldbus card port (EthernetIP, ProfiNet A/B, Modbus TCP, DeviceNet, Profibus, CC-Link)
Fieldbus dynamic memory mapping


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Technical Information

Model No. CVIL II M
Part Number 6159326820
Consumption (Current) 115V 4A
Consumption (Current) 230V 2A
Mains Supply 50/60 Hertz Single-phase
Width mm (in.) 130 (5.1)
Height mm (in.) 278 (10.9)
Depth mm (in.) 291 (11.5)
Weight kg (lb) 5.9 (13)

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