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DeVilbiss MPV-627 Complete Air-Fed Half-Mask Outfit
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Complete Air-Fed Half-Mask Outfit

  • A single airline supplies breathing and spraying air
  • One piece high specification goggles are included
  • The facepiece incorporates dual exhalation valves and an air inlet diffuser
  • Waistbelt incorporates odour filter and pre-setmask air regulator
  • Outfit includes high quality gun hose (1.2m x8mm bore)


Part No. Description
MPV-506-2 Complete half-mask with cotton rimlet, hood & air tube
MPV-4006 One piece protectivce goggles for use with half mask
MPV-486 Half-mask rubber facepiece only
MPV-489-K2      Half-mask exhalation valve
MPV-17-K10 Cotton mask-to-face rimmlet-kit of 10
MPV-487 Rubber stap harness for half mask
MPV-488 Half-mask clear air tube assembly with mini QD fitting
H-6085-QD 10 metre length air hose complete with male and female QD's
H-6065-B 10 metre length air hose complete with re-usable fittings
MPV-518 Complete waistbelt with regulator, filter cartridges & QD's
MPV-22 Replaceable waistbelt filter cartridge
MPV-455 Waistbelt regulator (does not include belt or QD) 
MPV-519 Waistbelt filter housing
MPV-2-K5 Disposable elasticated protective hood - kit of 5
MPV-456 Rubber spray gun hose (4' long, 5/16" bore with QD fittings)
MPV-458 Stowage bags for masks or visors
MPV-424 Female, self sealing, QD air line fitting
MPV-10 Male stem, QD air line fitting with 1/4" BSP (M)
MPV-5 Male stem, QD air line fitting with 1/4" BSP (F)
MPV-462 Female self sealing QD fitting with 1/4" BSP (F) 
MPV-463 Kit of 4 QD's fittings (2 male and 2 female)
MPV-442 Female miniature QD fittings for waistbelt to mask/visor
MPV-20 Male miniature QD stem for waitbelt to mak/visor

 Parts Breakdown - see image for reference
 Ref No.  Description  Part Number
 1  Mask Assembly (ref numbers 2-8)  MPV-506-2
 2  Facepiece  MPV-486
 3  Exhalation Valve (kit of 2)  MPV-489-K2
 4  Kit of 10 cotton rimlets  MPV-17-K10
 5  Harness  MPV-487
 6  Hoods (kit of 5)  MPV-2-K5
 7  Tube and mask diffuser assembly  MPV-488
 8  Quick detachable stem  MPV-20
 9  Quick detachable connector  MPV-442
 10  Regulator and housing  MPV-455
 11  Disposable filter  MPV-22
 12  Waistbelt & filter housing  MPV-519
 13  Quick detachable stem  MPV-10
 14  Quick setachable connector  MPV-424
 15  10m length M-F QD Fittings #  H-6085-QD
 10m length 1/4" Re-usable Fittings #       H-6065-B
 16  Gun hose assembly  MPV-456
 17  Quick detachable stem  MPV-5
 18  Stowagew bag  MPV-458
 19  Goggle  MPV-4006
 19a  Goggle protection strip (kit of 10)  MPV-59-K10   
 20  Waistbelt assembly  MPV-518
 # Not part of outfit, order separately

Technical Information

Model No. Complete Air-Fed Half-Mask Outfit
Part Number MPV-627
Protection APF=20
Carbon Filter Life 1000 hours
Supply Pressure 3.8 bar (55 psi) - At hose supply connection max 7 bar (100 psi)
AIr Cons. (cfm) 7

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