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DeVilbiss SRi Pro LITE Spray Gun - Various Options

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DeVilbiss SRi Pro LITE Spray Gun - Various Options
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SRi Pro LITE Spray Gun

Various Options Available

High Performance Smart / Spot Repair Gravity Feed Spray Gun

  • SRi Pro LITE has lighter trigger control allowing for greater control for micro repairs.
  • Lightweight for improved handling.
  • Ergonomic gun body with improved fit, feel, comfort and control.
  • Balanced air valve design for precision control of paint and air.
  • Different air cap choices to suit all latest refinishing materials.
  • A range of tip sizes for varying viscosities and control preferences.
  • Renowned DeVilbiss atomisation quality and even paint distribution.

Kits include: a spray gun with chosen cap tip set up, gravity cup, pouring funnel, spanner, torx key and cleaning brush.

 Parts Breakdown - see image for reference
Ref. No.   Description  Part No.
 1   HVLP Air Cap & Ring  SRIPRO-102-HV5-K
 High Efficiency Air Cap & Ring   SRIPRO-102-TE5-K
 Round Spray Air Cap & Ring  SRIPRO-102-RS1-K
 High Efficiency Micro Air Cap & Ring      SRIPRO -102-MC1-K   
 2   Fluid Tip (** = 08, 10, 12 or 14)  SRIPRO-200-**-K
 Fluid Tip (Micro set-up only)  SRIPRO-210-06M-K
 3  Separator  SRIPRO-2-K5
 4   Fluid Needle for No. 08 & No. 10 Fluid Tips  SRIPRO-300-08-10-K
 Fluid Needle for No. 12 & No. 14 Fluid Tips     SRIPRO-300-12-14-K
 Fluid Needle for SRiPRO Micro  SRIPRO-310-06M-K
 5  Fluid Adjusting KNob  SN-81-K
 6  Spreader Valve Assembly  SRIPRO-402-K
 7  Body Brushing & Seal  SN-6-K
 8  Packing, Spring & Packing Nut  SN-404-K
 9  Air Valve Assembly  SN-402-K
 10  Stud and Screw Kit  SN-405-K5
 11  Trigger, Stud & Screw Kit  SN-42-K
 12  Air Inlet  SN-40-K
 13  Colour ID RIng Kit (4 Colours)  SN-26-K4
 14  Air Flow Valve  PRO-408-K
 15  Gravity Cup Feed  SRI-510
 16  Filter  SRI-42-K3
 17  Drip Check Lid (kit of 5)  GFC-2-K5
 18  Funnel kit of 12  SRI-51-K12
 19  Spanner kit of 2  SRI-50-K2
 20  Torx Key  SPN-8-K2
 21  Needle Spring and Pad Kit  SN-423-K3
 22  Air Valve Seal & Service Tool  SN-34-K5
 23  Gravity Cup Lid  SRI-414-K2

Technical Information

Model No. SRi Pro LITE
Part Number SRIPROL
Air Consumption - HV5 l/min(cfm) 135 (4.8) @ 2.0bar (30psi)
Air Consumption - TE5 l/min(cfm) 100 (3.5) @ 2.0bar (30psi)
Air Consumption - RS1 l/min(cfm) 55 (1.9) @ 1.0bar (15psi)
Air Consumption - MC1 l/min(cfm) 50 (1.8) @ 1.0bar (15psi)
Air Inlet Thread (in.) 1/4" Universal
Cup Capacity 125ml
Weight (gun and cup) 455g
Air Cap Plated Brass
Air Cap Retaining Ring Clear Anodised Aluminium
Fluid Tip Stainless Steel
Fluid Needle Stainless Steel

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