Fifty Years Sure Looks Good on Us!

As we continue to celebrate FIFTY YEARS of Air Tool Services, we’ve been taking a look through our extensive archive of brochures, manuals and sales leaflets – many dating back to the early 1970s.

First out of the files is this 1973 Desoutter Tools CATALOGUE, it features the once extremely popular MB2 DRILL. INDUSTRIAL POWER TOOLS can represent a significant investment, keeping them regularly serviced ensures they are kept in optimum condition and helps extend their working life – but how many years should you expect out of your initial spend? How about FIFTY?

Take a look at this MB2 following its recent visit to our WORKSHOP for its ANNUAL SERVICE. It has been working continuously for the same customer since the early 70s, so for around FIFTY YEARS. That’s a fraction of a penny per cycle, over the course of its lifetime – what a great return on investment!


It’s amazing to see how well this tool has held up over the years, it certainly proves the point that an industrial tool that has been built to last will keep running for years when regularly serviced and maintained.

What OLD FAITHFUL tool are you still using?

We’d love to see; share a PHOTO or STORY of your oldest tool in the comments below and let’s celebrate longevity and reliability.

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