National Apprenticeship Week | 5th to 11th February 2024

Meet Jacob, 22, our APPRENTICE ENGINEER.

Jacob joined AIR TOOL SERVICES in early 2023 and spends FOUR DAYS with our WORKSHOP TEAM and ONE DAY at BLACKPOOL & THE FYLDE COLLEGE, where he has just completed his first semester of a LEVEL THREE ENGINEERING COURSE.

Jacob settled in with the team extremely quickly and has impressed us all with his enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

We asked Jacob about his first year at AIR TOOL SERVICES

“I’ve been made really welcome, right from my very first day. It’s been a real eye opener, learning about the vast range of INDUSTRIAL POWER TOOLS and their specific uses across such a wide range of industries. I’ve gained so much experience across servicing, repair and manufacturing. I really appreciate all the help and support I’ve received, not just from my colleagues, but our manufacturing partners”.

Settling into the team extremely quickly, Jacob has been introduced to the many different aspects of AIR TOOL SERVICES, moving around the workshop, taking on various tasks, learning from and assisting our highly experienced team. Supported by our MANUFACTURING PARTNERS with a series of comprehensive training on the latest INDUSTRIAL POWER TOOLS.

Stephen Rice, Director said:

“It gives us a great pleasure to be celebrating national Apprenticeship Week this year; it’s a fantastic way of developing people at the beginning of their career. We look forward to seeing Jacob grow into his role, gain skills and even greater confidence over the coming years. The apprenticeship scheme is a valuable building block in creating new career pathways in the INDUSTRIAL POWER TOOL MARKET and one we fully support”.

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