The Importance of Tool Calibration

Calibration Services


Calibration is often thought to be confined to the accuracy and precision of TOOLS.  However, it is much more to do with ensuring that your TOOLS continue to work both SAFELY and with maximum EFFICIENCY.  Our COMPLETE CALIBRATION SERVICE is a simple way to keep compliant and keep productive.


CALIBRATION is defined as “determining and documenting the difference in readings given by a TOOL compared to a fixed TOOL that is known to be accurate”.  In practice you are sure to have noticed that the performance of any POWER TOOL tends to drift over time,  resulting in a loss of accuracy. You are consistently setting the same TORQUE VALUE but the tool feels like it is not working quite as well, this is because the measured value has started to differ.


We’ve developed a range of CALIBRATION SERVICES for our customers, to ensure that TOOLS continue to work at their best.

All CALIBRATIONS are carried out to ISO9001 by our FULLY TRAINED and HIGHLY EXPERIENCED In-House Engineers.  They will complete a thorough calibration to check that all values are within acceptable tolerance levels.  Any necessary adjustments will be made and your TOOL will be restored to its original accuracy.

Once completed a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE will be issued and returned with your tool.


Whether you own a handful of tools or are responsible for a complete production line, let us take the headache out of managing all your tool repairs, services and testing with our advanced TOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Monitor the reliability of tools, recall previous test results, or opt-in to receive automatic notifications for annual service or calibration tests.

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