significantly extend the life of your TSC100 SLAT CLEANER

Implementing daily maintenance routines is the best way to prevent problems with any power tool. A simple wiping can remove dirt and particles that could otherwise end up in your gears or start corroding your electrical system.

Follow our top tips for an effective maintenance programme

Clean Regularly

Tools should be cleaned at the end of every shift and before they are stored away for the night. You can wipe dirt and other particles from the outside casing with a good Clean Cloth. Remember to pay special attention to the cutting tool gaps and clean them if necessary.

Inspect Cutting Tools

Reduced POWER usually means that the cleaning tools have become worn, they can not be re-sharpened but are easily replaced.  There are two options Cleaning Tool No. 2 | 2-2.9mm | 1644868 and Cleaning Tool No 3 | 3-3.9 | 1644867, both come as a set of two blades and include a seal (1633583).

Check Seals

Check the seals regularly and replace them in the event of damage.  Check the sliding discs, outer seal and seal each time you come to use the tool.  Watch the short video below to learn how easy this is to do.

Watch the VIDEO

Learn how to maintain your slat cleaner to ensure maximum efficiency.

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