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Trumpf TruTool C160 Slitting Shears 110V with chip breaker

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Trumpf TruTool C160 Slitting Shears 110V with chip breaker
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The alternative with integrated chip breaker

  • Integratet chip breaker for two-handed operation; ideal for inner contours and notchings
  • Light weight, ergonomic, handy
  • Machine also available as 240V cordless and cordless versions


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TruTool C160 with integrated chip breaker is especially suitable for notching tasks and interior cutouts. The chip can be clipped at any point.

You can pull the machine out of the workpiece at any time and replace it precisely. The TruTool C160 with chip breaker is attractive because it produces distortion-free, high quality cuts.

They protect the surface. The view of the workpiece is optimal and makes your work easier. With the optional parallel stop, you can cut strips from 35 to 300 mm precisely.



    • Ventilation works and climate control technology (Spiral-seam tubes)
    • House-front construction
    • Construction, including separation of C-L-U profiles
    • Plumbers
    • Coil-application



Standard Equipment

Straight cutter   integrated
Set of cutter blades   integrated
Allen key  DIN 911 -2.5 0067822
Chip clipper TruTool C 160 with chip breaker 1884910
TRUMPF box S1   1763681
Insert TRUMPF box S1010   1771092


Optional Extras

Straight cutter 1-1.6 mm Set of 2 1264343
Straight cutter 1-1.6 mm Set of 5 1264345
Straight cutter 1 mm Set of 2 1264356
Straight cutter 1 mm Set of 5 1264357
Curve cutter Set of 2 1264358
Curve cutter Set of 5 1264359
Cutter CR Set of 2 1264346
Cutter CR Set of 5 1264347
Set of cutter blades (2 pcs., screws) TruTool C 160 0927708
Set of cutter blades (2 pcs., screws) Tru Tool C160 with chip breaker 0913520
Set of spare parts C 160-2 PLUS 2 x cutter blades, 1 x chip clipper 0927709
Set of cutters (1 x 43432, 1 x 43434)   0913521
Carbon brushes (2 pcs) 115 - 230 V 0144861
Chip clipper (TruTool C 160 with chip breaker   1 piece 1884910
Chip clipper (TruTool C 160 with chip breaker Set of 2 1264370
Parallel stop (for 35 - 300 mm segments)   0143439
Lubricating grease G1   0344969
Cable GB   1907650

Technical Information

Model No. C160 with chip breaker
Part Number 1773333
Cutter (further cutters available) 1 - 1.6 mm sheet thickness
Max. sheet thickness - Steel 400 N/mm2 1.6 mm
Max. sheet thickness - Steel 600 N/mm2 1.2 mm
Max. sheet thickness - Aluminium 250 N/mm2 2.0 mm
Working speed rpm 6 m /min - 10 m / min
Start hole diameter 15 mm
Smallest Radius 90 mm
Rated input power 350 W
Strokes at Nominal load 3800 RPM
Weight without cable 1.4 kg

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