significantly extend the life of your TSC100 SLAT CLEANER

Implementing daily maintenance routines is the best way to prevent problems with any power tool. A simple wiping can remove dirt and particles that could otherwise end up in your gears or start corroding your electrical system.

Regular Servicing

By far the best way to ensure that you continue to get the best results from your SLAT CLEANER is with regular servicing by qualified engineers.

As an APPOINTED TRUMPF SERVICE CENTRE we have developed a comprehensive SLAT CLEANER SERVICE and includes the following

  • Your Slat Cleaner will be stripped and cleaned
  • LED SEAL checked and replaced if necessary *
  • PINS, BRUSHES & JAWS replaced & the BASE PLATE checked
  • All mechanical parts greased, reassembled and tested
  • Electric cable and circuits tested and checked *

*replacement parts will be added to the standard service charge.

Book Your Service

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